National parks are one of the very few Federal Government institutions that the vast majority of Americans actually approve of. It is no wonder, they share something in common with public libraries in that, although their method of funding is not voluntary, their method of attendance is. Unlike Obamacare, AKA the [un]Affordable Care Act, no one is forced into a national park. Is it any wonder therefore that this is one of the parts of the government the criminals who claim to represent us decide to shut down. Any illusion this has something to do with not having enough money is shattered by the story which I partly screen-captured above. That they would shut down a park that is NOT even funded by taxpayer dollars shows that this has to do with vindictiveness and not methods of funding. They have shown their hand by overplaying it.

         I have recently become interested in Esperanto. I joined an online Esperanto discussion group called per-Esperanto-politico and found this interesting response to an article that was apparently in The Economist. This response shows the dangers of accepting funding from governmental sources - those governments have their own agendas which do not always match the agenda of the group.

 As the attention of the country is turned to the so-called "Government Shutdown" (which, conveniently does not shut down the inquisitors at the NSA or the sexual molesters at the TSA) it is important to remember that this country's foreign policy is still a mess and there are still some who want to get us involved in Syria in a serious military way. The above is from a 1952 essay by Garet Garrett called Rise of Empire. It can be found in a collection of his essays called Ex America : The 50th Anniversary of the People's Pottage. It is a slice of history and the implications of what he observed at that time can still be felt today. Now, however, the phrasing is different. There are those who say "Politics ends at the Water's Edge". In other words, there are those who want us to uncritically accept whatever foreign policy that the politician who happens to occupy the White House at the time tries to force down our throats.

More people are recognizing the U.S. Government for what it is - a tyrannical police state. The fact that people are seeing this is kind of upsetting to the thugs who claim they have a right to rule over us. Blaine Cooper in the story above found this out first hand. Related to this topic, Lew Rockwell conducted an interesting interview with famed lawyer Harvey Silverglate on legal terror. During the interview, he gives some very good advice : Never agree to an interview with the FBI or other federal law enforcement unless you or your lawyer can record it. Otherwise the "transcript" they concoct based upon the "notes" of the interview will be the official record. You can find that interview here:

79 U.S. Senators of both major parties have shown their utter contempt for the American People. These are the 79 U.S. Senators who either support Obama's version of Romneycare or are not willing to fight to defund it. Either way, their names should be remembered. Either way, they should be targeted for removal from office. These 79 U.S. Senators, regardless of their political party affiliation, should be treated with the same contempt they have shown us.

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Peter King, big government RINO and Anti-Muslim Bigot, is complaining that supporters of Rand Paul’s filibuster are --- gasp --- calling his office and offering their opinions! Oh No!

 If you would like to contact him yourself here is his contact information:

 339 Cannon House Office Building
 Washington, DC 20515
phone: (202) 225-7896 / fax: (202) 226-2279


 1003 Park Boulevard
 Massapequa Park, NY 11762
 phone: (516) 541-4225 / fax: (516) 541-6602


Congress has the "power of the purse" but usually they do not have the courage to use that power. So, over time, the presidency has become a far more powerful office than it was intended to be. Today, it seems, at least some members of congress, like Ted Cruz and his supporters, would like to regain some of the power that has been last to congress over the years.

To be clear, I am not a fan of governmental power period. But having those powers divided between Congress and the Presidency is far less dangerous than having them concentrated in an imperial presidency.

I wish Senator Cruz the best of luck in his filibuster.


There is plenty I disagree with Evo Morales on. But I have to agree with him that the criminals in DC who claim to represent the American people have been interfering way too much in the internal affairs of other countries. I also agree with him that Snowden deserves praise for exposing some of the crimes that those criminals have been committing.